Our Philosophy on Herbal Remedies.

Simple, naturally good health.

We believe that the body knows how to sustain and heal itself if given the opportunity.  Our job is to teach people how to give their bodies those opportunities. 

Mountain Sage Herbals is registered with the FDA and by the Montana Department of Health and Human Services. We use organic, locally-sourced, and/or ethically wildcrafted herbs.  

Professional Medical Experience and Certified Herbalist

Our herbal remedies are proven effective.

Kimberly Fisk, PA-C, RH is a practicing Physician Assistant and Certified Herbalist currently living in Deer Lodge, Montana. She works as a Physician Assistant in the civilian sector and is also serving in the Army Reserve. She completed her formal herbalist training at the Green Path Herb School in Missoula, Montana, but has been incorporating herbal remedies into her medical practice for decades. She lives on a farm with her family and grows most of the herbs she uses in her practice and for her line of herbal remedy products.