How it Works

Our personalized consultation process.


Investigate your current state of health.


Identify problem areas.


Develop a plan to address symptoms and enhance wellness.

The outcome of this consultation is a personalized, easy to follow, and effective nutrition and lifestyle plan that includes education, nutritional guidelines, and recommendations for herbal remedies. 

How to Request a Consultation and Purchase Formulas

Personalized herbal formulations and retail items are available at our store and online for an additional fee. You are not required to purchase remedies from Mountain Sage Herbals.

Consultations can be scheduled in our Deer Lodge clinic by calling for an appointment, or completed online by filling out our online intake questionnaire.


Consultation cost.

Initial consultations cost $50, usually last about a half hour, and include one, 15-30 minute follow-up consultation, usually in about two weeks from the date of the initial intake. Subsequent follow-up visits cost $20 and typically last 15-30 minutes. Online consultations offer the flexibility of completing the process from your home and on your schedule. We can converse via email and over the phone to obtain a comprehensive picture of your health needs and develop a plan that works for you.

Intake Form

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Although I am a practicing Physician Assistant, I will not be diagnosing or providing treatment in line with conventional medical practices. At Mountain Sage Herbals I practice as an herbalist and will evaluate your personal metabolic type and make recommendations to help support optimum physiological function.